This is the fourth volume of Arthur S. Maxwell's "Best Stories". Have fun reading them all with your kids!

Volume 4 Edit

  • God's Little Workshop
  • Helping Father
  • Faithful Fido
  • Hoping Against Hope
  • Singing in the Dark
  • Fred and the Firecrackers
  • Attacked by Bandits
  • Coal in a Cadillac
  • The One-legged Robin
  • One Naughty Lamb
  • Paula and the Peacock
  • Angel at the Gate
  • When Shona Tried to Help
  • Nero the Hero
  • The Painted Sparrow
  • The Boat Came Back
  • Brave Old Stumpy
  • Overconfident Owen
  • Glenda and the Glass Bird
  • The Girl Who Said, "I won't"