This is the third volume of Arthur S. Maxwell's "Best Stories". Have fun reading them all with your kids!

Volume 3 Edit

  • Jerry's Last Jump
  • Faithful Rover
  • Saved From the Flood
  • Digging for a Bicycle
  • Annie and the Indian
  • The Pool That Vanished
  • Motor-boat Vehicle
  • Brian and the Bricks
  • Mike, the Blacksmith's Son
  • Plucked From the Burning
  • Only a Joke
  • Behold, Your King Is Coming
  • All Because They Argued
  • A Bit Too Fast
  • How Sandy Came to Stay
  • Small Beginnings
  • "Most Honest Boy"
  • When Skippy Disappeared
  • Great Men and the Bible
  • Snow Leopard Trail
  • The Little Girl Who Went to Sleep
  • How Much Do Dogs Know?