This is the first volume of Arthur S. Maxwell's "Best Stories". Have fun reading them all with your kids!

Volume 1 Edit

  • Alan's "Sandwich"
  • How Terry Got His Train
  • Held Up by a Robin
  • Swami and the Crocodile
  • A Touch Felt Round the World
  • Wayne and the Wolves
  • Your Heavenly Home
  • Howard and the Haystack
  • What Changed Chris
  • Impatient Ivan
  • Amanda's Pet
  • A Plan for Our World
  • Sylvia's Glasses
  • From Slavery to Fame
  • Bradley, Blackie and the Bear
  • Dennis and the Dive Bombers
  • When Everybody Helped
  • Battle in the Night
  • The Mysterious Rider
  • The Wake-up Man