Vandalism is an edit made in a deliberate attempt to disrupt Children Stories Wiki or to harass its users, and deliberately damages content on Children Stories Wiki. Vandalism will not be tolerated.

Common types of vandalism are the addition of obscenities such as crude humor, page blanking (Removing all content from a page), and the insertion of nonsense into articles.

Types of Vandalism

  • Content Removal: Removing all the content from pages and sometimes replacing them with nonsense. The difference between vandalism and a bold edit is an edit summary and a message to a message wall.
  • Bad Content: This includes changing the language of pages (Children Stories Wiki in English only), inserting stupid crudities or random text into articles.
  • Adding offensive material such as swearing, offensive comments, racism, homophobia, and if not censored, pornography. This covers any form of content, whether it's text, images, videos, or audio, that our administrators deem offensive.
  • False Content: Adding deliberately uninformative information to pages. Children Stories Wiki tolerates speculation, but speculation should be clearly stated to be speculation when added.

Vandalism is usually caused by someone "playing" with the edit function, or a user deliberatly set out to damage the content on the wiki.

Dealing with suspension

Vandalism is dealt with in numerous ways, and the wiki has many steps in which it deals with vandalism.

One way a user can deal with vandalism is simply deleting the vandalism by editing the vandalized page.

Bureaucrats and administrators may block vandals on sight. Users without tools to block should revert the changes and report it to a bureaucrat or administrator.

Patrollers are staff members who are equipped with a rollback tool, can revert vandalism in one click. Patrollers will usually report vandalism which they have reverted to a bureaucrat or administrator.

Pages that are repeatedly vandalized may be protected temporarily to prevent further vandalism. If you feel a page needs to be protected because of vandalism, please contact a bureaucrat or administrator.

The NSFV policy (No Shrines for Vandals) states that vandals and spammers should not have monuments to their "success". This means that there should not be big warnings exclaiming about attacks, nor public outcries about how the Staff may not be coping. The main purpose of vandals is to cause disruption, so if the disruption they cause is dealt with quickly and quietly, that will discourage them from continuing.

Although it is generally encouraged to Assume Good Faith, most vandalism is extremely blatant and undeserving of such.