Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, godparents, and kids, welcome!

If you have quarreled with a family member like your mom or dad or your brothers and sisters, this is the right place to start! We'll help other users who have family problems! So let's begin!

Note: You can share your family problems with us, but first you need to put your username with a link before you share your problems. This is an example:

Matthew103 - My mom is hurting me every time I disobey her, what do you think is the correct way, anyone?

Note: If you want to help someone, just put your comment (With your username) in the "Replies" content with the username of the person you want to help. This is an example:

Mark Melia - It's easy, just obey her, and you will be fine! Glad I could help! (Reply to Mattthew103)

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