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This wiki contains the stories made by my favorite author named Arthur S. Maxwell. These stories are called "Best Stories". These stories are written in 4 Books!

These stories of Maxwell is all about Christianity. These stories are best fitted in all children under 14 years old, because of it's interesting and funny parts. Children would really love to read these stories!

If you are a parent, tell your kids about this great wiki made for them so that they can have a good relationship with Jesus! Join your kids in this wiki, kids always want their parents to be with them all the time!

Just relax in your seats while visiting the pages found in this wiki, you can have a good time already by just reading the stories here!

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Enjoy and have fun!

Some Stories of Arthur S. Maxwell 

  • Best Stories
  • Bedtime Stories
  • The Bible Story

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Animal Stories

  • Amanda's Pet
  • Battle in the Night
  • Bravo Laddie!
  • How Sandy Came to Stay

Answers to Prayer

  • Wayne and the Wolves


  • Pint-sized Hero


  • Bradley, Blackie and the Bear
  • Why Lee Got Left

Courage and Perseverance

  • How Terry Got His Train

Courage! "Never Say Die"

  • Nero the Hero
  • Singing in the Dark


  • A Plan for Our World

Care for the Needy

  • Attacked by Bandits

Care for the Sick

  • The Flying Doctor

Christian Life

  • His Plans for You
  • In His Steps
  • The Cry That Matters
  • Trumpet of Hope


  • Coal in a Cadillac

Duty to Parents

  • When Everybody Helped


  • Peter and the Petrol Tin
  • A Bit Too Fast

Finding Jesus the Hard Way

  • Swami and the Crocodile

God's Love and Care

  • The Mysterious Rider

God's Watchcare

  • Snow Leopard Trail
  • The Boat Came Back

Honesty, the Best Policy

How to Win Success

  • From Slavery to Fame
  • Small Beginnings

Life of Jesus

  • The Wake-up Man
  • The Little Girl Who Went to Sleep

Joy of Heaven

  • Your Heavenly Home


  • Help Up by a Robin
  • The One-legged Robin

Kindness Always Pays

  • Annie and the Indian

Kindness to Animals

  • How Much Do Dogs Know?
  • Faithful Rover
  • When Skippy Disappeared
  • Two Dogs and a Girl

Power of Christian Witness

  • A Touch Felt Around the World

Price of Impatience

  • Impatient Ivan


  • Dad's Car Keys

Results of Disobedience

  • Dennis and the Dive Bombers
  • Howard and the Haystack


  • Peter and the Petrol Tin


  • What Changed Chris
  • Thinking of Others


  • Sylvia's Glasses


  • Courageous Kimbo


  • Steve's Self-starter


  • The Boy Who Brought Heaven Nearer


  • His Busy Men


  • Love Unlimited
  • The Boy Who Ran Away From Home

On Wanting Things

  • Warren's Want Book


  • Richard's Rubbish Shop
  • Digging for a Bicycle
  • God's Little Workshop

Respect for Property

  • Vic and the Vandals

The Price of Playing Tricks

  • The Stinger Stung


  • Bigger and Bigger

Trying to Grow Up Too Quickly

  • Scott's Secret Shave


  • All Because They Argued

Value of Bible

  • Great Men and the Bible


  • Mike, the Blacksmith's Son

Loyalty to God

  • Motor-boat Miracle


  • Jerry's Last Jump
  • Fred and the Firecrackers
  • Helping Father
  • One Naughty Lamb
  • When Shona Tried to Help

Parental Love

  • Saved From the Flood

Danger of Practical Joking

  • Only a Joke

Dealing With Rudeness

  • The Pool that Vanished

Second Coming of Christ

  • Behold, Your King Is Coming


  • Brian and the Bricks

Value of a Child

  • Plucked from the Burning

God's Power in Nature

  • Paula and the Peacock

The Importance of Obedience

  • The Girl Who Said, "I won't"

God Answers Prayer

  • Angel at the Gate

Need for Preparation

  • Overconfident Owen

Second Advent of Christ

  • Hoping Against Hope

Stories About Animals

  • Brave Old Stumpy
  • Faithful Fido

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Best Stories

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